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Providing updates on the work being done on the two sites relating to Cudgegong Valley History.

Wiki and website update news

admin Tuesday 21 March, 2023

Unlocking the Secrets of Local Education: Discovering Over 200 Schools on the Cudgegong Valley History Wiki

Do you ever wonder about the history of your local schools? The stories they hold, the impact they've had on the community? Well, thanks to the power of technology and the Cudgegong Valley History Wiki, we can now access a wealth of information on almost 200 schools in the area!

The Cudgegong Valley History Wiki has become a treasure trove of local history. Recently, it has added an impressive collection of local schools, each with its own unique details and history. What's even more exciting is the inclusion of images on these school pages, providing a visual representation of the school's location and a section of the parish map where the school is situated.

This seemingly small feature is incredibly useful for researchers and history enthusiasts alike. By providing a clear visual of the school's location, we can gain a better understanding of the school's place in the community and its impact on the surrounding area. And with almost 200 schools listed, there's no shortage of stories to discover.

But this platform isn't just for researchers. Anyone interested in exploring the local history of education can use the Cudgegong Valley History Wiki to gain a deeper appreciation for the evolution of education in the community. Each school listed has its own story to tell, and by delving into the details, we can gain a better understanding of how education has changed over time.

The Cudgegong Valley History Wiki is a living, breathing platform that continues to grow and evolve with each passing day. New information is being added regularly, expanding our understanding of the rich history of the region.

From local schools to notable figures and events, the Cudgegong Valley History Wiki is a treasure trove of fascinating details that help paint a picture of the area's past. And as new details are added, we're able to gain a deeper appreciation for the people and events that have shaped the community over time.

Ready to explore? Check out the list of schools on the District Schools page of the Cudgegong Valley History Wiki and unlock the secrets of local education!

Instructions for using wiki now on the forum

admin Saturday 4 June, 2022

Instructions for using the wiki are now available on the forum. If you need more information, please let me know.

Getting the wiki up and running has taken most of my time this last week. There are still one or two things I would like to be able to change, but have been unable to find where to change them.

I have been going through the Mudgee Guardians from the 1970s and adding information to Cudgegong Valley History Project as I find it. It will take weeks to add this information to the website.

The family of Robert Wright and Amelia Martin were added. This was a very sad affair. Again it will take some time to add the various newspaper articles to this family.

Hoping we have a warmer, drier week ahead of us.

Wiki ready for registered users

admin Tuesday 24 May, 2022

Have spent this week randomly populating the wiki and learning how it works. Half a dozen pages, amongst others, now exist on the wiki for places within the Tong Bong locality.

Also tried different experimental hierarchies for the pages. Have settled on a hierarchy that should suit the wiki in the future.   

To all the people who have applied to become registered users of the wiki, I apologise for not getting to you sooner but I needed to make sure the wiki worked as hoped. It is now at the stage where I can begin to accept registrations. Initially, this will be done slowly in case problems occur and they can be fixed before they become major issues. 

If you have information you would like to add to the wiki, please register using the Log In module in the upper right-hand side. I will manually approve requests while in this developmental stage.

Today I had hoped to put a post on the forum explaining how the wiki works, but we have had a blackout all day. I hope to write and post this later in the week.

Work on the Cudgegong Valley History Project has been slowed because of the time spent on the wiki. Despite this, information has been added to the Scifleet, Cox, Bryant, Gudgeon, and McQuiggin families.

The Wiki Begins Again!

admin Tuesday 17 May, 2022

It has been a monumental week. I finally found someone who could install the Tiki wiki software on the website.

Tiki is a complicated beast to drive, but it looks as though it may be excellent software to store the local history information. I just need to learn how to drive it.

Rylstone Rockville is the first, experimental, wiki page. I have tried many modules and features on the Rockville page. It is still not acceptable. Setting up the footnotes and bibliography modules is giving me the most grief.

Once everything is running as it should, I hope interested people will register on the site and add their family history to the wiki.

On the Cudgegong Valley History site during the last week, we have added information to the Carr, Cohen, Cornish, Jackson, Mogg, Morgan Tattersall, Rhodes, Tailby, and Whale families, amongst others.

Cudgegong Valley History has details on almost 13,000 individuals. Hoping to be 15,000 by year's end.

The aim is to add 15 new people each day. Each person needs at least one primary source. 5,000 will be added annually if we achieve this. A challenge, no doubt.