Glen Alice

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Glen Alice (Co. Roxburgh) 33°03’S. 150°13’E., 29 km SE of Kandos, on Umbiella Ck; village gaz. 1901; mining (oil-shale disc. 1865 by G. R. and J. McLean) 1886+, farming, grazing; cemetery (114 graves 1845+) 1875; Meth. C.; mines: R. Amos & Co. 1897, Capertee Shale & Oil Mining Co. Ltd., Portal No 1 (C. G. Cameron) 1881, The Glen Alice Coal & Shale Mining Co.; PO 1869; Pres. C., burnt down 1878, replaced 1908, and graveyard; school 1957 (building removed from Glen Davis), burnt down and replaced 1968; telephone 1915; TX 1916-85; pop. 78 (1911), 208 (1933), 34 (1947), 65 (1954), 156 (1961)1 .


4 November 2016
Two big property sales in Capertee Valley
Glen Alice and The Crossing, located approximately 5km apart in the Capertee Valley, were sold separately after being passed in at $1.65 million and $1.55 million respectively in an online auction recently.

The final sale prices remain undisclosed for both holdings. However, marketing agents Meares & Associates gave a gave a price indication of $1.75m each early on in the marketing campaign.

The names of the two buyers remain confidential.

The aggregation comprising 1128.73 hectares (2789.15 acres) was taken up by the vendor's family in the 1930s, and only three families or their descendants have held tenure since the original land grant in 1825.

The properties consist of well-developed grazing land, with some fertile alluvial river flats on The Crossing.

Glen Alice comprises 779.73 hectares of undulating open woodland valley floor, with frontage to Umbiella and Spring Creeks

Glen Alice has been assessed to run approximately 250-275 breeding cows.

The Crossing comprises 349 hectares (862 acres) including 195 hectares of alluvial river flats, with frontage to the Capertee River and Coco Creek2 .


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