Cudgegong Village

Cudgegong (Co. Wellington) 32°48’S. 149°49’E., 14 km W. of Rylstone. Orig. on Cudgegong R., but now old town submerged under Lake Windamere; surveyed by John A. H. Price, village gaz. 1858, munic. proc. 1860, resumed 1971; vegetables, dairying, sheep, mining; Angl. C. (St James the Less) b. 1863 by Robert Charlesworth, demolished; bridge (Lambert Bridge) b. 1875 by T. and F. Atkinson; cemetery (100 graves 1868-1973) 1875; flood 1862; marble quarry (Holdsworth Macpherson & Co.); milk factory, became butter factory, then rabbit-boning works; mines: Cheshire (copper) 1882-85 and 1897 and Rhobadah (gold) 1881-89 and 1895; PO 1865; school 1868, new one b. 1877 by William Readford and William Babbage, repairs 1896 by William Readford, closed 1925, reopened 1957, closed 1970; telephone 1914; TX 1925; pop. 1,595 (1861), 2,342 (1871), 2,533 (1881), 2,519 (1891), с.2,500 (1895), 182 (1911), 75 (1933), 117 (1947), 85 (1954), 120 (1961)1 .


13 July 1922
Passing along some twenty miles or so Cudgegong is reached - there is an hotel well kept here, and at one time there was a considerable business done here for it was one of the changing stages of the old Cobb and Co 's coaches. It is still a changing place for the lessor mail from Capertee. There is a relic of olden prosperity here in the shape of a good brick public school building, but the attendance of children has fallen off to what it was in the olden days. A bridge crosses here and the middle of the bridge forms the boundary of the shires Meroo and Rylstone, and close here is Toolamanang Station the property of Mr. James Jennings, Senr., a pioneer. The property is of very large extent, and comprises some very fine country (since I was there, Mr. Jen nings has recently passed to the great majority). Crossing the bridge two roads are met with, one on the left hand goes to Rylstone, the other on the right being the old Wallerawang-Sydney. It was along this road from Bathurst, via Sofala, in 1870 that I first went to Gulgong. On the corner of the two roads is a good building once an hotel, but now closed. There is also a good store kept by an Englishman who had not been very long in the State, he is the sort of immigrant the country wants2 .


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